The Process

For over sixteen years, Margie has helped her clients envision and create homes that are a joy to live in.  She recognizes that a 'home' is more than a place - it's where we sleep, where we celebrate, where we love and where we watch our children grow. At every turn, Margie's process involves conversation, consultation and open communication. Below is an outline of the steps that Margie takes to ensure the satisfaction of her clients. 


The Pre-Construction Phase

The Initial Conversation informs the entire project and allows Margie to assess her clients' needs and goals regarding the function and look of their future space. She will consider lifestyle, preference, taste, likes, dislikes and budget.  Important considerations regarding the habits of the users (ex. writers or cooks) will be made and Margie prefers to build upon what already exists. 

The Space Consultation allows Margie to assess the space she's working in with her team and any decision makers on the client's side. Together, they'll take measurements and discuss the ideal design and function of each room so that everyone is on the same page before construction begins. Here, Margie also emphasizes the importance of getting to know her team of skilled trades and artisans as they'll be with her every step of the way. 

Storyboards and Planning let Margie design around her clients' favourite things (ex. a piece of art) or whatever drew initially them to the house (ex. an exposed brick wall). Here, she addresses the multiple needs of a family to ensure that rooms speak to one another in design and flow. Where clients often present the macro-level plans, Margie takes care of every last micro-level detail to ensure that the space is both beautiful and functional. Storyboards and plans will consider fabric, tile, electrical features, faucets, windows, doors and everything in between. Margie's work will complete the puzzle of the client's vision. 

dining .jpeg

Project Management and Construction

As Construction begins, Margie and her team take over. Where some clients take a hands-on approach, others prefer to completely remove themselves from the construction process. In either case, by this point, Margie's clients will already be familiar and comfortable with the team; throughout the construction phase, clients can rest assured that they will arrive home to a clean space that is both what they wanted and what they expected. 

Finishings come into play once the physical structure is completed. Hard finishings like plumbing, electrical, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens and backyards will be installed by Margie's skilled team of trades. Margie then takes care of the soft finishings related to styling and design after the trades have moved out. Margie often takes her clients shopping and communicates with them at every stage. As always, the team emphasizes beauty and function throughout. 



The Handover

When all of the work is done, Margie walks through the space with her clients to confirm their total satisfaction with the work. Her number one priority is total happiness with the work and she will work with her team to quickly correct any deficiencies should they occur.