Margie Doyle White

Margie is one of Toronto’s most sought-out interior designers and has spent the last sixteen years working with her clients to create their dream homes. Having begun her career in marketing with some of the largest newspapers in the United States (NY Times, Boston Globe), Margie’s work facilitated constant travel and exposure to countless uniquely designed spaces around the world. Inspired by what she saw, Margie left the marketing industry and began working as a stager in Toronto. She transitioned quickly from this role into the lead designer on the W Network’s show Take This House And Sell It, and the rest is history.

Since then, she’s been working with clients in Toronto, Collingwood, Muskoka, NYC, the Hamptons, Florida and Boston to design their homes and businesses. Beyond her talent and creativity, Margie is also gifted with an ability to develop genuine relationships with her clients which allows her to understand their habits and to meet their needs. Often working with the same client through multiple properties, her expertise and backing by a team of diligent contractors and artisans is widely recognized and appreciated. In all of her work, Margie’s priority as a designer is to create a space that is both inviting and comforting for her client, and as a mother of two teenaged daughters, Margie further understands how to marry beauty with functionality in everything she does. Margie runs her business like a family and whether renovating, building from scratch or downsizing, she and her team are guaranteed to exceed her clients’ expectations.